I am a programmer who specializes in building browser-based web applications and intranet tools, building them well, and building them fast.

My sweet spot is working with new companies (or companies with new projects) to quickly create proof-of-concept prototypes and production-ready web applications.

I speak PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, CSS and a handful of other technologies and acronyms. I am fluent in usability design, user testing, A/B testing and information architecture. I also know a bit about various content systems like WordPress and Drupal.

I’m the technologist you want on your business team to get software built quickly, and the business-oriented programmer you want to keep your development team focused on what’s most important.

Call me at 310-213-2624.

Spawn PHP Framework

Learn all about installing and working with this easy-to-use MVC framework.

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Coming Soon: Scaveng

Scaveng is a scriptable web scraper. Stay tuned for more.